When you’re trying to decide the method you should use to shape your eyebrows in Apple Valley, then you should first ensure that you’re aware of what all your options are. Almost everyone is familiar with plucking, threading, and waxing, but there is another eyebrow maintenance technique that some beauty professionals, like the ones in Apple Valley, have chosen to employ as well. This technique is known as trimming.

Unlike plucking where each individual strand of hair is plucked from the root when you choose to have your eyebrows trimmed by an Apple Valley beauty professional, you can expect them to use a spoolie brush to brush the hairs of your eyebrows upward. Then they can trim them down to the desired lengths, which instantly makes the eyebrows look more clean and manicured.

Eyebrow R Us Provides Apple Valley Eyebrow Trimming

Trimming eyebrows on your own can be difficult because it’s extremely easy to over-trim the brows. This is part of why going to an Apple Valley beauty professional is advised over attempting to trim your own eyebrows at home. Beauty professionals are specifically trained in different types of eyebrow maintenance methods, so they know the appropriate way to ensure that they never remove too much hair from your eyebrows, which makes them look harsh and more severe.

The art of trimming consists of keeping a lightly feathery eyebrow while still making the eyebrow have a clean and polished look. When Apple Valley beauty professionals engage in the trimming of the eyebrows, they brush the eyebrows up at an angle in the direction of the brow, and then if there are any hairs that are noticeably longer, they trim them sparingly.

Why You Should Consider Trimming Eyebrows in Apple Valley

Choosing trimming as your preferred eyebrow maintenance method at an Apple Valley salon is extremely ideal if you want to maintain natural-looking eyebrows with minimal maintenance. Eyebrow trimming usually doesn’t have to be repeated as often as some of the other eyebrow maintenance methods. Plus, it is completely painless. Just like it doesn’t hurt to get the hair on your head cut, it doesn’t hurt at all to have the hair of your eyebrows trimmed either.

Still, if you prefer an even more polished look than what trimming offers you, you can speak with your Apple Valley eyebrow professional about integrating trimming with a bit of plucking, tweezing or waxing. When trimming is combined with these procedures, you can achieve a more precise look while still keeping that natural light feathery look.