Answered By Our Reliable Experts

Our eyebrow experts at Eyebrow R Us are always willing to answer any questions that you might have about our procedures, but we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for your perusal. Our skilled threading technicians are true professionals who have honed their craft and have the applicable certification and experience to prove it.

1Which is better-tweezing, waxing or threading?
Which type of eyebrow service is best for you depends upon your individual needs and the look that you're trying to achieve. Tweezing and threading allow for the most precision. Those clients looking for more natural looks tend to prefer tweezing, threading or simply trimming.
2Which procedure is the most painful?
Again, this depends upon each individual client's threshold for pain. Those Apple Valley clients who have lower tolerance thresholds for pain might want to opt for threading or trimming services, which those who can stand a bit of a quick pain might want to go with tweezing.
3Which procedure is best for sensitive skin?
People with healthy skin are ideal candidates for tweezing or any other eyebrow services. However, those with delicate skin that is subject to easy lifting and tearing might want to stick with threading or trimming. Additionally, we want to consider potential allergic reactions to any compounds.
4How often should I get my eyebrows tweezed, trimmed, or threaded?
Eyebrows in Apple Valley should generally be redone every 3 to 4 weeks, and we recommend threading and tweezing be redone a bit earlier at 2 to 3 weeks. Trimming should be done as often as necessary, usually every couple of weeks.
5Is there anything I should tell my threading technicians before my appointment?
Yes. Notify your technician of any medications you've been taking since some types of medications do not mix well with procedures. For instance, certain types of antibiotics and blood thinners can make the skin drier, which can result in torn or lifted skin during eyebrow work. Additionally, if you've undergone any Botox treatments, dermal fillers or chemical peels, notify your technician. Also, notify your technician of any anti-aging serums, creams, washes, peels, gels and so on that you use on your face so that he or she can ensure they won't cause adverse side effects with services we offer.
6Is there anything I shouldn't do before my appointment?
Refrain from shaving your eyebrow area before your appointment, don't soak in a hot tub, don't go tanning and limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine that you consume since all of these activities can cause your skin to become drier, more inflamed and more sensitive than usual.